Magic Mushrooms Microdosing: Magic Mushrooms Guide And Tips For Beginners

Magic Mushrooms Microdosing

Introduction To Magic Mushrooms Microdosing

Magic mushrooms microdosing is the method of ingesting very small doses of psychoactive substances, including psilocybin mushrooms and lysergic acid. According to studies, microdosing has increased in admiration but scientific works only consist of the slightest research on this method. There is also some restricted report on unfortunate events linked with microdosing, and these microdosing experiences have not yet classified.

Magic mushrooms microdosing is not at all a normal occurrence. Nevertheless, it appears to be carrying out the biohackers in the world of Silicon Valley to a bigger group of accelerating wellness fanatics. 

Microdosing consists of taking a harsh dose of psychedelic substance, a quantity to lessen the trigger of hallucinations yet sufficient to acuminate the mind. So, here are sorted guides of the crucial points to identify when microdosing magic mushrooms. 

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing basically defines the methods of consuming a little amount of magic mushrooms. It’s vital to note that numerous drugs can be applied this way. A microdose is commonly an indication of a regular dose or 1/10 t0 1/30.

The objective is to obtain the positive outcome of the magic mushrooms including energy, emotional needs, and focus without obstructive effects like hallucinations and sensory changes. 


Microdosing has been an experimental technique for some individuals who are finding a substance that will be in charge of their mental state and productivity. In this article, we will also discuss other non-psychedelic drugs that individuals are trying to improve their abilities and abundance. 

Why Do Individuals Microdose?

Microdosing started obtaining its popularity in 2010 as a way to raise productivity and vitality to help in deliberating and tackling strategies. Other people are finding microdosing to enhance their skilled effectiveness, they assume the number of magic mushrooms microdosing advantages. It includes the following:

  • Greater focus
  • Outstanding creativity
  • Relieve from mental health issues
  • Provide more energy
  • Help in stopping coffee, drugs, and other matters.
  • Relief from PMS
  • Intensify spiritual recognition

Substances Applied For Microdosing

Even though the word “microdosing” frequently defines the use of psychoactive drugs, some individuals practice it with a broad array of elements. Microdosing can be applied in the following substances that can have different effects.

  • LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide. It is one of the well-known substances applied for microdosing. Users have reported the effects of being more productive, more focused and feeling intense. 
  • Magic mushrooms. It serves as an antidepressant drug that has the effects of being more open emotionally and understandable, according to users. 
  • DMT or dimethyltryptamine. It is a substance known to be a spirit particle to prevent anxiety and assist in spiritual perception.

There are many substances that can be applied in microdosing and others are considered in the US. It includes the following:

  • Magic mushrooms
  • DMT
  • LSD
  • Cannabis
  • CBD or cannabidiol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine

Take note that not all microdosing doses are built identically. A microdose for most people can be a primary dose for others. A bad scene can happen for those who are more sensitive or if the substance has gathered in the blood flow steadily. Besides, magic mushrooms can differ in the active absorption of drugs, even when applied correctly.

Steps To Magic Mushrooms Microdosing

  1. Acquire the substance. Individuals can choose a lawful microdosing additive in particular stores or online. 
  2. Consume the first dose. On the day where you don’t have many duties, take your first dose – 1/10 of a regular dose or around 10 micrograms per dose. 
  3. Stay focused. After you take the first magic mushroom dose, sit and discover the effects. People must identify whether it complements their initial objectives. Keep track on the effects of microdosing. And remember that every microdose substance will differ based on the substance you applied.
  4. Alter if required. Is the outcome of your first microdosing okay? If so, this is the perfect dose and if not, alter it appropriately. 
  5. Continue with normal use. To begin a rule, follow the two days basis and continue it for 10 or more weeks. By this, it will prevent you from developing tolerance and dependency.

It must be eminent that the effects of particular substances can end up to two or more days and be distinguished through urine or blood tests a week after the microdosing. 

Microdosing And Mental Disorders

According to research, there are possible advantages of magic mushrooms microdosing in preventing mental disorders including anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD. In the previous years, studies have found that microdosing can reduce symptoms of mental disorders. It identifies that it has promising outcomes and must be a safe treatment for people who are suffering from severe mental issues. In addition, others discovered the effects of microdosing may enhance creativity, mood, focus and even productivity. 

It is interesting, right? Especially for beginners who are finding a guide for their microdosing. 

Despite the outcome of every study, it is still not sufficient, yet others may benefit from it. To ensure you are safe and away from danger, it is best to consume some drugs with the advice of a professional to guide you through the entire process. Furthermore, the practice of combining substances can be dangerous. Although it can have several benefits, still it is important to apply it with enough knowledge. 

The Negative Effects Of Microdosing

Nevertheless, microdosing has claimed its advantages, but there are some negative effects to consider. These include the following:

Undesired Tripping

Microdosing can produce emotional changes. The aim is to release a moderate version of yourself. Once an individual begins to feel something, the possibility is they will go overboard.

Individuals must not microdose if:

  • They take care of children
  • They have preceding mental conditions
  • They have trauma before
  • They feel unwell
  • They are colorblind

Increased Anxiety

Most individuals report an increase in anxiety while they are microdosing. And this has been connected to their existing mental issues rather than the effects of drugs alone. It is important to know that if you have anxiety you must not consider microdosing in some substance. 


To conclude, though magic mushrooms microdosing has its advantages for many people, it is best to identify also the negative effects. In this article, it is explained why people microdose, the effects of microdosing, its pros and cons.