Magic Mushroom Facts: Top Things You Didn’t Know

Magic mushrooms have been utilized in some countries for quite some time now. There are myths related to magic mushrooms. Yet, these magic mushroom facts will clear things out since using cannabis has numerous myths and speculations. 


Before jumping on the magic mushroom facts, let’s talk about what a magic mushroom is. 

Psilocybin or magic mushrooms grow naturally and are used for their hallucinogenic effects. They are categorized as psychedelics due to the sudden change of mood, thinking, and perception brought about by them. Researchers have discovered that the major ingredient of magic mushrooms is psilocybin, which has psychoactive properties that encourage the “high” feeling. 

There are various types of magic mushrooms but the well-known ones are golden tops, liberty caps, and blue meanies. The psilocybin or magic mushroom looks the same as the poisonous one. Taking the poisonous mushroom can make you very sick that might lead to death. Magic mushrooms can be consumed as brewed tea, fresh, cooked, candies, chocolates, and other edibles. Some users prefer to mix it with cannabis or tobacco. 

Magic Mushroom Facts

Here are some of the mind-blowing and interesting magic mushroom facts that ought to be known. 

Bald Head

The term “bald head” applies to the magic mushroom. It’s a very suitable term for this tiny white and brown mushroom, and the gentle appearance of the fungus.

Used For Rituals

Magic mushrooms have generally been utilized in Central America during rituals and ceremonies. This is one of the magic mushroom facts that can blow your mind. The magic mushroom is used for its healing powers, and ancestors have utilized Psilocybe Cubensis as a ritual tool. 

Christmas Connection

Other magic mushroom facts include its Christmas connection. The theory behind this is that Siberian shamans have used magic mushrooms as Christmas presents every winter. 

Help You To Be Open-minded

Experts recommend taking one trip of magic mushrooms and you can enjoy the long-lasting effect of the product. This can provide an open-minded effect to the user. 

Mystical Effects

A study shows that after taking magic mushrooms, a subject or user had a spiritual experience of their life. In that instance, the response of the neuron and the wave patterns of a person are measured throughout the states of meditation, religion, prayer, or fasting. 

Mushrooms Hyperconnect To The Brain

As we have known, the magic mushroom has psilocybin content that provides a “mind-altering” condition, but, according to the October study, it also increases the hyperconnectivity of the brain. Through this investigation, once a person has taken magic mushrooms after the placebo, it results in the synchronization of the activity among the areas of the brain that are not usually connected. This is how the alteration of the hyperconnectivity is explained when consuming magic mushrooms. 

Slows Down Brain Activity

Magic mushrooms work on the brain in other odd ways. Psilocybin functions by binding to the neurotransmitter serotonin receptor. Although it is not known precisely how this binding affects the brain, studies have shown that the drug has additional brain-related effects in addition to increased synchronicity. 

In one investigation, brain imaging of users taking psilocybin indicated less activity in the thalamus, a deep center structure of the brain. Slowing down activity in areas such as the thalamus can allow information to flow more freely across the brain, since, according to researchers from Imperial College London, that region is a gatekeeper that typically restricts connections.

Changes People For Good

Psychologists claim that few things can change someone’s personality in adulthood, but magic mushrooms can be one of those things. People with an open personality are more creative and more appreciative of art, and they value novelty and emotions.  Changes in the emotions of the user is one of the results when taking in magic mushrooms. Others might tell their exceptional experiences such as extreme feelings of joy and attachment to other people and their surroundings. 

Overcome Fear

Other interesting magic mushroom facts include the overcoming of fears. In a study done in 2013 with mice, the animals showed a characteristic that it froze up less after taking a dose of magic mushrooms. 

The mice received a low dose of psilocybin, and the researchers said they hoped that this animal study would encourage further studies on how mushrooms could be used to treat people’s mental health issues.

Many Varieties

According to the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, there are more or less 144 varieties of mushrooms that have psychoactive content. The 144 varieties are a large number, and the Caribbean and Latin America are habitats to more than 50 varieties, with Mexico alone having 53 varieties. In North America, there are 22 varieties; while in Europe, there are 16 varieties. Australia and the Pacific Island region have 19, Asia has 15, while Africa has four varieties.  

Causes Behavioral Change

The overall perception of some people on individuals who consume magic mushrooms is that they are anti-government or anti-social. Users who have taken psilocybin say that they have revived or enhanced feelings of social obligation, compassion towards others, and a profound awareness of the interconnection between all living beings.

Improves Mental Health

While magic mushrooms are frequently used as risky “party drugs,” their increasing use puts people in a much less criminal situation. Users are better than what many people have assumed, and they have a tantalizing ability to help with a range of mental health issues. 

Repressed Memory Recall

Consuming magic mushrooms makes users remember emotional memories. 

Cigarette Smoking Cessation

Don’t you know that magic mushrooms can help people who have excessive smoking addictions? If you think that magic mushrooms can’t do that, then you are wrong. Studies show that with the consumption of magic mushrooms, people can overcome their smoking addiction with cigarettes. 

Reorganize The Brain

Through psilocybin, magic mushrooms bind with brain receptors for serotonin and cause sensory distortions. With the changes in mood and hallucinations, users who take in or utilize magic mushrooms are often described as an abstract or expanding consciousness. 


Maybe we have known magic mushrooms as a type that contains psilocin or drugs psilocybin. Due to its psilocin content, there is negative feedback about magic mushrooms. Yet, there are magic mushroom facts that you should know to understand and learn more about.

The magic mushroom facts mentioned above are the things magic mushrooms can help you and affect you. Recognizing myths from facts is essential since they contribute stigma to the society.