Combining Magic Mushrooms And CBD: The Three Safe Ways

Magic Mushrooms

Combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD brings out varieties of effects to their consumers. They are all-natural and give little to no side effects. However, before you combine the two substances, there are things to keep in mind. First, you should know the difference between cannabis (cbd) and shrooms, and know the safe ways of combining them. What are the safe ways of mixing them? What other benefits do the mixtures give, aside from giving almost no side effects? Lastly, you should know the mixture’s safe and recommended dose when combining. 

The Difference Between CBD And Shrooms

Combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD can give a euphoric effect to their users. But that’s where their similarities end because these elements are different. 

CBD is one of the significant components of the non-intoxicating marijuana plant. Since CBD doesn’t intoxicate its users, it is then an ideal cure for various physical and mental health conditions.

Specifically, it’s utilized for treating the following conditions: anxiety, pain, and muscle disease, among others. 

Shrooms are a group of fungi that’s made up of psychoactive components psilocybin and psilocin. These agents explain why its users experience mind-altering and euphoric effects. 

Can You Mix Cannabis And Magic Mushrooms?

As these all-natural drugs produce high euphoric sensations, combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD can be done under the right conditions. They can be consumed safely, too. Many individuals believe that the psychoactive effects made by these elements highlight each other’s benefits. 

Many people feel secure, too, in consuming shrooms and CBD because they are closely related. Another reassuring fact is that combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD is cleaner and purer than elements that are more synthetic in nature. 

It can be an exciting activity. However, it’s still ideal to know what kind of cannabis you’ll take, the frequency of consumption, and their potency. 

Three Ways You Can Combine CBD With Shrooms Safely

Cannabis extends and exaggerates the psilocybin shroom experience, so the first step when combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD is to mix them slowly. Though rarely, there can be negative experiences with shrooms or consuming mixtures. 

Sometimes, individuals report heightened paranoia levels or anxiety after consuming shrooms, and that’s a sensation you wouldn’t like to last. 

Another way of combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD is to mix small doses of the elements to avoid an overdose. You should be in a good mood when mixing; mixing shrooms and CBD in a bad mood is not ideal.

Lastly, use Sativa-dominant strains in the combination first. 

Benefits Of Combining Magic Mushrooms And CBD 

There are diverse benefits when combining Mushrooms & CBD—below are some of them:

Magic shrooms and CBD can combat anxiety and depression. This is possible due to the psilocybin in shrooms that influence the brain to regulate serotonin levels. It then connects with serotonin receptors to manage one’s negative thoughts. 

Meanwhile, CBD lowers the user’s stress levels, acting as a regulator of the brain chemicals when they react to serotonin levels. 

Combining Magic Mushrooms and CBD can put you in a positive disposition and manage your mood swings, thus improving mental health. 

Shrooms and CBD can improve your concentration, focus, and strength. Anecdotal accounts say that the consumption of shrooms can improve memory and rewire one’s creativity and feelings. 

CBD can provide similar results as it multiplies the body’s natural endocannabinoids, which improves brain function. 

Shrooms can improve digestive health since it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. Shrooms can create bile in the stomach for a smoother digestive system, according to a journal. 

CBD is anti-inflammatory, too, and can treat issues like irritable bowel conditions. So, when combining mushrooms and CBD, it can improve—and protect—the digestive tract from various harmful bacteria. 

Mixing CBD and shrooms can reduce soreness in the muscles. CBD battles fatigue by triggering muscle relaxation, a journal revealed. 

The two elements work together in neurogenesis. Studies on these elements showed their help in growing new brain cells. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms, can grow and regenerate new neurons. 

Shrooms can promote cell immunity. According to one article, they contain beta-glucans, which are not found in humans. When the beta-glucans meet with human cells, they spark the immune system of the body. 

Shrooms are a source of the following: Protein; fiber; and antioxidants, which can shield the tissues, cells from damage.

CBD gives similar benefits to the body, thanks to its reliable antioxidative elements, as it lowers oxidative stress, which, in turn, relieves you of pain.

A mix of shrooms and CBD can provide you with improved immunity that lowers pain and minimizes chemotherapy’s side effects in people with cancer. 

Lastly, the psilocybe element can cure alcohol dependence. A research was conducted in which 10 people with alcohol addiction took a dose of the element for weeks. After that period, the individuals decreased their alcohol consumption. 

CBD also relieves addictive tendencies.

The Recommended Dose Of Magic Mushroom And CBD

To make sure you experience all the positive effects of combining magic Mushrooms and CBD, it’s advised to mix very tiny psilocybin doses with CBD. Also, do this when you’re in a pleasant disposition, then consume gradually so you can see how your body reacts to the mixture. 

Consuming the mixture in a measured dosage will give you a pleasant experience and a safe one. You’ll get to enjoy the mixture without receiving the side effects. 

It’s highly important to consult a doctor before consuming these drugs so you’ll be informed of the suitable dosages.


A combination of cannabis and mushrooms can give you various benefits, as long as you consume them safely. If you do so, you’ll enjoy their benefits such as improved mental and physical health. It improves the immune system, too. 

But remember: always ask a doctor for guidance on suitable dosages.  

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