Avoiding Bad Trips For Magic Mushrooms When Microdosing

Avoiding bad trips for magic mushrooms

Is avoiding bad trips for magic mushrooms possible? Read further in this article to find out how to cope with the bad trips caused by microdosing. 



A microdosing psychedelic is an act of using magic mushroom in a low dosage. As per media reports, microdosing has risen in importance, but there is little research in the scientific literature on this theory. Limited news about adverse situations is linked with microdosing and it is not recognized through experiences. 

A new study suggests that a bad trip is not always a bad one. Approximately 84% of users who are experiencing a “bad trip” from magic mushrooms said that they have profited from a mentally difficult event.

Magic mushrooms, or also known as psilocybin-containing mushrooms, are potent psychedelic drugs that can intensely affect the way a person feels about the world. And yet, compared to other drugs, psilocybin has an uncertain impact on the emotional status of the individual.

Bad Trips

A bad trip is acute substance abuse of psychoactive drugs that lead to bad, terrifying encounter experiences. Hallucinogen intoxication is the primary cause of the bad trips that came from magic mushrooms and LSD or lysergic acid. It is often called a “trip” because it can make you feel that you are out of the world. Almost all of the moment, when you are having a bad trip is irritating. 

Factors That Cause Bad Trips 

According to a survey, 2,000 individuals encountered negative experiences during their magic mushroom’s sessions. In addition, 10% claimed that their bad trips had placed them in harm. 

In connection, some factors cause bad trips in certain individuals. The factors may include the following: 


Neuroticism is a trait that allows a person to display negative feelings or mood swings. The greater the attributes of neuroticism, the more likely it is that they would experience bad trips with psychedelics.

State Of Mind

Your environment and atmosphere when having your hallucinogenic drugs, like magic mushrooms, greatly influenced your mood. It is not recommended to combine it with other hallucinogenic products such as alcohol or marijuana.

Will Power

The refusal to recognize and cope with the experience can intensify a bad trip.

Tips To Avoid Bad Trips When Microdosing

Avoiding bad trips for magic mushrooms is not attainable, however, you can turn your “bad trips” into “good trips”. Since avoiding bad trips for magic mushrooms is hard to manage, why not take it positively? Here are the tips on how you can handle your bad trips. 

Avoid The Wrong Setting

Your atmosphere can influence your tripping. If you’re in uncomfortable surroundings, you are more likely distracted or disturbed which can trigger your bad trips. That’s why choosing your comfortable setting is important since it contributes to an important part when tripping. 

Aside from the setting, your companion can also affect your tripping session. The people around when you’re experiencing the effect of magic mushroom should understand what you are going through. So, you better choose your companion either your friends or family who have a broad understanding of magic mushrooms. 

Mixing Magic Mushroom With Mind-altering Substances

Magic mushroom itself contains a mind-altering substance that can make a person hallucinate when mixed with alcohol or drinks with caffeine such as coffee. When you mix it with other substances, you are more likely to develop panic attacks, episodes of violence, nausea, and paranoia. 

Tripping Without A Specific Intent

Ensure that you are in the best mood when you consume magic mushrooms. Providing good and comfortable thoughts instead of being uneasy about the experience, maybe harmful even though you have a wonderful trip or an unpleasant one. Magic mushrooms may increase your worst anxieties or frustrations, which implies that if you’re enduring these emotions even before the trip, you’ll likely be in the type of a bad trip. Having a defined intent to trip before an event means that you have a greater probability of developing long-term good psychological effects compared favorably to tripping for the reason of it.

Not Setting Enough Time

There is no overly prepared individual when it comes to tripping. To help make sure that you will have a better outcome, think accordingly, and plan when you have enough time to appreciate your encounter. Psilocybin may last somehow in the range of 4 to 6 hours or much more at times, so ensure that there is satisfactory time for the impacts to diminish. Free your time for at least 8 hours, if it is possible and available, you can do it during weekends. You may feel under tension since you need more than an ideal opportunity to appreciate a trip which can trigger sensations of uneasiness and distrustfulness that will just destroy your mood.

How To Overcome Bad Trips

If avoiding bad trips for magic mushrooms is difficult, there are steps that you can help magic mushroom users to overcome the situation. 

Step 1: Recognizing The Bad Trip

It tends to be hard to perceive when an individual might be encountering a terrible bad trip however, reaching out to them can help. Sometimes, the person who is on a high may get terrified. They can talk about fearful thoughts and anxieties. They could demonstrate fears regarding control or of drowning. They might also be upset that they’re going crazy.

They will talk about fear, they could be paranoid, and their emotional reaction may rapidly get out of influence, occasionally leading to violent behavior and there could be a possibility of self-harm.

Step 2: Put The Person Into A Safer Place

A person’s frightened, paranoid actions on a wrong trip could increase the probability, in some situations, of violence directed at others.

That’s why it’s essential to find a safer place for that individual. Keep people from areas of possible accidental death or injury, such as bodies of water, high places, traffic, or other physical hazards, and prevent individuals from accessing weapons or other means of intentionally serious injury.

Step 3: Remind Them That The Feeling Will Fade Off

Trying to communicate them down may make things worse, so they usually expect you to assist them to interact through it, and let them truly understand that they’re going through a terrifying encounter. You can recommend that they give in to their encounter while sustaining a helpful and empathetic existence.

Step 4: Be With The Person All The Time

Having a supportive companion can make a person with bad trips feel safe and allow them to talk through encounters, reduces the possibility for self-harm as you can support them to a safe place and away from the items they could use to injure and cause harm, and enable for emergency intervention if necessary.

Step 5: Protect Others From People With Bad Trips

Individuals who are having a bad trip can act impulsively. They may assume, for example, that they try to jump from a frightening height and can fly. They could also be overly abusive and violent, and they may attempt to hurt themselves or harm somebody else.


Avoiding bad trips for magic mushrooms is difficult to manage, however, there are steps and tips to keep in mind. The people you are with during your session can help you when bad trips occur. That is why choosing your companion and setting is very important when having a magic mushroom session.